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Fade To Light IQ Transdermal Patches (High Dosage) 800mg

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FADE TO LIGHT IQ transdermal patches work by lightening your skin from the inside. The active ingredients (glutathione & vitamin C) penetrate directly into the bloodstream to raise glutathione levels which in turn lighten skin, discolorations, dark marks, hyperpigmentation and illuminate the complexion. 

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30 transdermal patches with 30 non medicated dressing plasters

15 day supply at 2 patches daily Or 30 day supply at 1 patch a daily

Product presentation

6 white sachets with 5 individual transdermal patches in each sachet.

30 additional non medicated adhesive dressing plasters or sticker.

Product dosage

800mg proprietary blend of Glutahione & Vitamin C

If you purchase 2 boxes, free expedited shipping DHL / TNT.

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