Nano Tox contains ingredients traditionally used to help assist the body’s natural metabolic processes, to burn excess carbs, fats and sugars, so you can loose weight, rebalance appetite, regulate cravings and better manage your figure naturally. Our Nano Tox Slim Patch contains 30 days worth of slimming patches. The ingredients in our patches are completely natural and contain no pharmaceutical nasties, making them a safe appetite suppressant to aid your weight loss goals. Our patches have zero side effects and can be worn for 24 hours, then simply replaced with a new one thereafter.

The Product Contains
• 100% Natural Ingredients
• 100% Safe to Use- No Chemicals
• No Side Effects
• Water Resistant & Easy to Apply

HOODIA GORDONII – A Natural plant native to the Kalahari Dessert which supports reduced appetite levels. CITRUS AURANTIUM – supports Lipolytic & Thermogenic effect
GUARANI – supports increased energy & reduced appetite levels
GREEN TEA EXTRACT – supports improved brain function, fat loss & a lower risk of cancer

5 reviews for Nano Tox

  1. elizefisher

    I have been using the Nano Tox products for a few months. I have never seen such great results with any product that i have used in the past. This product gave me amazing results. Not only have a lost weight but have gained so much energy when i was using this product. It was money well spent!!

  2. Mariana

    I have been struggling to gain control over my metabolism for the last view years. I have tried many products like herbal tea’s and diet pills’s, a while back a friend recommended Nano Tox to me and i was really surprised with the results and the natural effect it had with my metabolism which also helped me loose weight. Nano Tox has really changed my lifestyle for the better.

  3. Anonymous

    I am using Nano Blanc and Nano Tox in conjunction with one another. I’m very impressed. Usually I’m poofed at the end of the day, but I seem to be able to go on with tasks without feeling drained out. I’m also feeling that I don’t have that bloated feeling anymore.

  4. Anonymous

    I bought this products for my mom and grandmother on mothers day and they are both so happy with the results. They both look and feel so much better about them self and it is all thanks to the Nano products!

  5. Renuka

    Hello I have just completed my 4th month on Nano Tox. It is truly amazing. I do not go to
    Gym because I am a very busy person with really no time because I travel a lot due to work. Nano Tox has helped me shed weight without giving me any side effects. I have received many compliments. My face even looks brighter.

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