Why is Nano Blanc Skin Corrective Cream so safe?
Our unique cocktail of active ingreadients are a natural compound of amino acids with a lipidresidue, making it asafe alternative to hydroquinone, which has been the leading product in skin lightening for a long time.

Nano Blanc Skin Corrective Cream works by inhibiting the formation of melanin in three ways:
• It removes excess melanin from skin
• It blocks its production by interfering with the enzyme Tyrosinase, which is necessary for melanin production
• protects the skin from free-radical damage, which may dull its appearance.

There is a very good tolerance of Nano Blanc Skin Corrective Cream on the skin. Nano Blanc Skin corrective Cream’s unique formula is safe on even sensitive skin. It is free from AHAs, hydroquinone and Kojic acid.

Studies have shown after two months of consistent use, spot intensity is reduced dramatically and the complexion is brightened and unified. The results, a significantly more even and radiant complexion. Studies have determined that Nano Blanc Skin corrective Cream has a “measurable” lightening effect. Its activity was considerably greater than that of kojic acid or hydroquinone, with added results even after long term use.

Click here to read the study on the lightening effect of Sepiwhite on all skin types including Indian and black skins

8 reviews for Nano Blanc Skin Corrective cream

  1. Sandy

    I have just started using the cream 2 weeks ago, and I am usually very sensitive to skin brightening creams. What made me purchase this is that it does not have kojic acid or hydroquinone. So far my skin looks radiant and brighter, & I know it is too early to see a difference in the pigmentation however the radiance is a good indication that it is a very promising product.

  2. Virasha

    This product is really helping with the tan removal on my arms. I am also using it for the darkness on my inner thighs and can see a change. It does not peel my skin

  3. Anonymous

    OMG, this cream is crazy. It actually works. I am using it for a little over 2 weeks and my skin looks brighter. I don’t have pigmentation, Im just using it for a brighter & lighter skin.

  4. Varsha

    This cream is so potent. I am so amazed at the lightening effect. I am using it on my full body. My friends are curious and want to know what I am using. I feel so confident now.

  5. Susan

    My skin never had any color to it! My skin is so bright now after i started using this cream. I am a mother of three kids, and they told be that i look ten times younger since i started using the Skin Corrective cream.

  6. Geetha

    This cream has made a big difference. I am over 50 and have had a dull sun damaged uneven skin tone for most of my life. My neighbor recommended me to have a look at this as she has purchased it from a clinic that she goes to for laser. I’m on it for almost 4 weeks. I was the color of a dark brown skin that looked patchy and now I’m already a shade or maybe 2 shades lighter, I’m so happy because it’s not causing redness and peeling like other skin lightening creams.

  7. Sarah

    I can’t believe that this cream works so well & to think that I have wasted money on department store brands that have costs thousands. It has already started to break up my uneven skin color & pigmentation.

  8. Cecelia

    It’s been 3 weeks and so far I’m very happy. The reason why I’m
    Giving it 4 stars is because not all the spas stocks it so
    I have to order it from a spa that is far away from me. However I love the product and will continue using it as it has made a big difference to my skin already.

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