Q – Where are your products manufactured?

A - Our products are manufactured in the EU & USA thereby bringing you the best ingredients and formulations.

Q – How long do I need to use the products for to achieve skin lightening results?

A - Recommended intake for the Glutathione IQ is 5 – 10ml daily but there is no harm in taking more. In view that the skin is a large organ and the benefits are delivered ‘head to toe’, 2 to 3 months for visible radiance and lightening effects should be expected.

Please bare in mind that one needs to take into consideration your Fitzpatrick skin typing. Should you fall on a darker skin color on the Fitzpatrick scale one will need to use a substantially higher dose for a longer period of time shoud they want to lift 2 – 3 shades.

However, many patients have provided feedback that benefits of Radiance and Lightening were visible from as soon as just 3 weeks on a 10ml consumption dosage.

Q – What will happen if one stops consuming Glutahione IQ?

A - As Glutathione IQ is a Natural Food supplement & is a master anti oxidant that fights off free radical damage, it can be consumed continuously. Like with any food or other safe product, the results can be reversible, based on your health as well as your age and lifestyle factors.  The skin can slowly progressively revert to its original form especially if one does not practice good sun avoidance or utilize an SPF. It will not worsen, however your skin and health can lose the benefits derived from consuming this supplement.