Beware cheap deceptive imitations!

Make sure you are using the correct Nano Blanc products!

We have recently become aware of several products that claim to offer the same results as Nano Blanc but for a greatly reduced price. We would like to make it clear that we are in no way affiliated with these products, and cannot vouch for their authenticity, ingredients, Chemical composition or validity. We also offer take no responsibility for the potential side effects of these imitation products.  Substandard products may contain undeclared ingredients which could harm your health.

Any product that bears part of our name such as "Nano" or "Blanc" is not our brand & is not affiliated with our company in any way.  Any Previous stockist or Previous Distributor claiming that they are part of our company and that this is our new product name is false.

Buy Only Nano Blanc!  If it does not say Nano Blanc you are not purchasing an authentic high quality glutathione product.

Unfortunately several of our customers have contacted us thinking they had purchased Nano Blanc, when in fact it was one of the imitation products. If you are at all uncertain of the product you are purchasing, whether it be online of through one of our stockists, you are more than welcome to contact us to confirm it's authenticity. Please see below 2 comments from the several we have received from concerned clients:

1st email

"I’m Concerned because the clinic no longer stocks the original product but this month I was sold the Nano “Light” Patches at a reduced price due to cheaper packaging:  Please could you advise if this product is legitimate because it is still really costly per month and I would like to be certain that I am not being ripped off.

Alternately please refer me to a genuine supplier. Should there be any inquiry to this issue, I would appreciate total anonymity.”

Thank you

2nd Email

"I have been very happy with my purchase of Nano Blanc, however I was convinced by a salon stating that a new brand with a similar name was from the same supplier.  Please verify if this is your brand as I am not getting the good results that I have achieved with Nano Blanc?"

We are not affiliated to Nano Light or Infinity Crystal Blanc.  We have no associations with these products whatsoever.  Please feel free to verify where you can purchase Nano Blanc Products.

We would like to thank all of our loyal clients and stockists for their continued support. A lot of time, effort, research, and testing goes into the Nano Blanc range to ensure our clients of its quality and effectiveness. While we have no adherence to competition, we felt it necessary to inform you of these products due to their similar and misleading name and branding, and because of the several customers who have come back to us. Lastly, the reason why we invest so much of our time and resources into product development & testing is to ensure you receive the best results without side effects. The problem with "cheaper" products is the following potential side effects:

- Disrupting the natural pH of your skin. The top layer of your skin carries an acidity or alkalinity known as its pH. The normal pH range of healthy skin is 4.5 to 5.3, which is slightly acidic. But depending on the chemical composition of the product, it can leave your skin at around 6 or 7 (slightly more alkaline). This means your skin has to work overtime to get back to its normal range and, in the process, it produces excess oil that can lead to acne, redness, and rosacea.

-Impeding skin repair. When your skin’s pH is normal, it stimulates the production of healthy fats, or lipids, which protect and heal the skin every day. So, when the skin’s pH is off, its ability to repair itself becomes impaired.

-Diminishing the skin’s protective barrier. Depending on the ingredients & composition used, the product can bind to the skin’s natural oils. Then when you wash your skin, you wash away healing lipids meant to protect your skin, resulting in drier skin and accelerated signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.