A Skincare Routine that Fights off Viruses & Boosts your Immune! 🦠

Glutathione has been called the ‘mother’ of all antioxidants—and there are over 142,000 peer-reviewed studies published to prove it. It’s our built-in natural detoxification system, and it works at the cellular level. It’s a critical step in detoxification system, binding and ‘sticking’ to toxins and free radicals of all kinds so that your body can safely carry them into your bladder and gut and out of your body.

But what is less well known about glutathione is how profoundly it supports the immune system.  When intracellular glutathione level dips, white blood cells called lymphocytes are impaired and viral infections can percolate.

The synthesis of new DNA and new cells is exquisitely sensitive to free radical damage, and high levels of glutathione protect it.  And rapid decreases in glutathione levels have been seen after infection with viruses.

Optimal levels of glutathione support a balanced immune response. When intracellular glutathione stores are rich, immune molecules are stimulated, and both viruses and bacteria are inhibited. When reserves of glutathione are low, the immune system switches away from a “Th1” innate immunity response toward a stronger “Th2” inflammatory response, which is dominant in autoimmune diseases, allergic reactions and viral infections like flu and cold.

Glutathione has been proven to help improve the balance between Th1 and Th2, and to improve immune response to bacterial infections and even eliminate the bacteria.

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